IBBI RVO Recognition No: IBBI/RVO/2018/005

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Mugisha Turyahikayo Allan

Mugisha Turyahikayo Allan is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Land Management and Valuation from the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Bachelors of Laws Makerere University, Diploma Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre and a Masters of Business Administration at ESAMI Business School and a PhD student at Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam examining Urban Wealth Creation.

Mugisha is a Managing Partner of S-M Cathan Property Consult Limited and former Council Member and Honorary Secretary of the Institution of Surveyors in Uganda, 2007 to 2017. Mugisha Allan is also an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and a Registered Valuer with the Surveyors Registration Board in Uganda. Mugisha is a Trustee on the Internationals Ethics Council representing Institution of Surveyors in Uganda. Mugisha Allan is a member of the Membership and Standards Review Board of the International Valuation Standards Council and a Director of School of Real Estate and Infrastructure Development Sciences, SREIDS, East Africa, a regional Built Environment Professional Training School.
George Badescu

Gheorghe (George) Badescu is a Fellow of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and a honorary member of the: International Association of Chartered Valuation Analysts, China Appraisal Society, National Association of Valuers in Serbia and Independent Valuers Society in Georgia.

He is the founder and owner of CMF CONSULTING, a valuation company in Bucharest, Romania and has over 30 years’ experience in business and property valuation.

George founded National Association of Romanian Valuers and served as Chairman (1992-2001). He also served as Management Board member of The European Group of Valuers Associations and as IVSC Management Board member (1999-2005) being also the IVSC Vice-chairman (2005-2008)

Badescu served between 2016-2021 in the Membership and Standards Recognition Board of IVSC.

George provided courses and performed advisory missions for VPO in several countries as: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Bosnia, China, Ghana, Georgia, Kenya, India, Mongolia, Serbia, Uganda, Ukraine.
Alexander Aronsohn

Alexander Aronsohn FRICS is a Chartered Surveyor with long and wide-ranging experience encompassing residential asset management, commercial and residential development, rating, national and international valuation and investment. Alexander is the IVSC Director of Technical Standards for Tangible Assets and assists the IVSC Standards Review Board and its Asset Boards on drafting IVS, perspectives papers, presentations, training and articles. In addition, Alexander has a leading role in various International Standards Coalitions and is the Executive Secretary of the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC) Standard Setting Committee (SSC), the International Ethical Standards Coalition (IESC) Standard Setting Committee (SSC), and International Land Measurement Standards (ILMS) Standard Setting Committee (SSC). Prior to joining the IVSC Alexander was the RICS Director of Technical Standards and was also the Executive Secretary of the International Fire Safety Standards Coalition (IFSSC) Standard Setting Committee (SSC) and a member of the International Construction Measurement Standards Coalition (ICMSC) Standard Setting Committee (SSC).

Javier Ayala's

Javier Ayala is from Quito, Ecuador. He joined as Director of Operations of Ayala & Ayala Consultores Cía. Ltda., a valuation services and consultancies company based in Ecuador. In 2014 just after 10 years of living and working in Europe. He has held different professional activities since 2001 ranging from scientific research and trials for floriculture, collaboration as lecturer at Scuola Agusta Pieralli at Perugia, in Italy, Overseas Representative and Health Safety Checks for hotels, cellars and restaurants under HSE, UK Standards in Spain and Italy for Headwater Holidays, to assuming the position as Director of Operations up to date.

As Director of Operations, he has been in charge of designing valuation operation processes according to the IVS as much as the local legislation has allowed to for the company has locally approached the local Government to remark the need for improving the Surveying and Valuation profession and the risks which may arise from not doing it as it is used in very important areas of the national economies, and also the need for an appropriate set of regulations which should be consistent with other national regulations.

In 2016, Javier was appointed by Ayala & Ayala Consultores Cía. Ltda. to approach the Global Valuation Standards Setter in order to bring the valuation voice from Ecuador in order to contribute along with other LATAM experiences to the Valuation profession improvement for the public benefit. After attending his first RICS Valuation Course at Manchester, UK in 2013 his role also consisted in promoting company´s valuers registration at RICS as MRICS so that the company may be further on be awarded also with such a membership.

Finally, early in 2021, on the 26th August 2021, he was appointed as Member of the Membership and Standards Recognition Board (MSRB) at the IVSC where he expects that his experience in some LATAM jurisdictions may contribute to the IVSC and the valuation itself to improve for the public benefit. He continues on researching new valuation insights.


Certified for valuation review and CEO of CMF Consulting S.A. with over than 25 years of experience in the valuation of the business, intangible asset, real estate, personal property and financial asset. Certified investment consultant on the capital market. 2018-2019 President and Chairman of the Board of National Association of Romanian Authorized Valuers – ANEVAR which includes more than 4100 individuals and 550 companies. Speaker to valuation conferences and meetings in Romania, Moldova, Singapore, Mexico, Slovenia, Hungary and other countries.